We help businesses dominate search

Monopoly SERP was created to help businesses monopolize the search engine results page. There is a great opportunity to capture attention and generate leads that is overlooked by many of the best websites in the SEO game. At Monopoly SERP, we want to help businesses take advantage of this opportunity. 

A few years ago, I owned a business that had 3 main competitors. With an SEO background, I was able to easily capture the top position in the search engine, but unfortunately, my competitors were listed 2nd and 3rd. The rest of the rankings were articles about our businesses, social profiles, and directories. After developing additional web properties, I captured over 75% of the clicks. I then decided to integrate this strategy into my agency and have reaped fantastic results. It’s not rocket science, but it can be a difficult strategy for companies to implement, so we’ve worked very hard to create a system that makes it as easy and hassle free as possible. That is our goal here at MonopolySERP  – Chance Hawkins

Web Properties

Leads from search

Traffic from the same keywords

How It Works

1. Add  Strategic Web Properties

With Monopoly SERP, you can do this for only $397/month. We will generate a brand new website/brand for you to utlize as a lead generator.

2. Rank The New Web Properties

Using the same process that got you to that #1 position, you can rank your second web property for less money because you already have a foundation. Even if you are not ranking well, we can help you get your web properties ranked.  

3. Generate & Process Your Leads

When you generate leads from multiple brands, you need a good process to effectively handle the leads. We can help you with this as well.